21 Annoying things that people do and have not yet realized

If only we all had a little more empathy and education, we could live in a city with much more harmony, so here I show you the 21 most annoying things that people do and should stop doing right now.

1. Get on the subway or the bus before the people who arrived at your destination get off, for education you should always let the people down first.

2. If you are walking and you are not in a hurry, border and do not get in the way of people who are in a hurry, it is annoying that they occupy the entire sidewalk without letting go.

3. It is terrible that you want to get into the ranks.

4. If you do not know how to use an ATM, ask for help from someone who works in the bank, do not keep investigating 30 minutes how it works.

5. Do not stop in places for pregnant women or people with disabilities.

6. If you go to the supermarket and you have more than 10 products, you should train in the row that corresponds to you and not in the fast box. Also, do not put your products attached to the person in front of you, let the band run until there is enough space to put yours.

7. If you travel by public transport do not put your backpack or purse in the seat that is empty, it is better to let sit someone who is unemployed and has no seat.

8. In the same way it is terrible that you put at full volume the music that you are listening to on your cell phone, even if you bring earphones you can hear it.

9. If you have small children, do not take them to see a movie in which they are sure to get bored. The tantrums that your child does bother everyone else.

10. It goes without saying that if you go to a concert or theater you should not hit the front seat with your feet. In the same way respect the elbow patches of the seats, do not invade that of the person next to you.

11. Try to dunk the trash in a boat on the street and failing to leave it lying on the floor. You always have to pick up the garbage.

12. If you smoke it is bad education to throw the cigarette butt in the street. It will not magically disintegrate.

13. If you go to the supermarket do not leave the shopping cart in the middle of parking, return it to the entrance or where all the carts are located.

14. It is uncomfortable for you to talk to people you do not know on the street. Many people who sell products do it and it is annoying, mainly because they come talking to you as if they knew you all their lives.

15. If you are driving, it is very bad education to throw the high lights to the cars so that they are removed, it is better to put the directional, this is the signal to request permission politely.

16. If someone stops you when you enter a place, say thank you. Many people do not.

17. If you go to the beach do not do the bath in the sea. This is completely unpleasant and unhygienic.

18. If you go to a public toilet, do not throw the paper you used outside the trash can, so do your needs inside the toilet. I have seen hundreds of times that people do not.

19. Respect the vital space of people, with this we mean that if you are trained in the bank row, leave a considerable space between you and the person in front of you.

20. If you go on the subway and you are lucky enough to have a place, do not fall asleep or asleep when you see an elderly person or a pregnant woman with no place.

21. The worst of all is no doubt that you spit on the street.

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