12 Movies that will take away the desire to have a boyfriend

First of all we warn you that there is a Spoiler alert, so if you have not seen any, you better not read his explanation.

1. Eternal radiance of a mind without memories.

These 2 lovers love each other and hate each other at the same time, their memory is erased and they look for each other again. It shows us that a relationship simply when it can not be, we can not force it because it is only destructive.

2. Closer.

Couples who fall in love but at the same time betray each other. It makes you see that no matter how long you have lasted with a person, in the end you did not know her as well as you thought.

3. P.D. I love you.

To love a person deeply and to die prematurely is very difficult in itself, but it is even more so if he leaves you dozens of letters reminding you how much he loved you.

4. Sad Valentine.

Although they have been together for years, the flame of love suddenly goes out. Although he is still in love and tries to rekindle the relationship, they end up realizing that they have nothing in common anymore.

5. Diary of Briget Jones.

Well, I think we've all seen it.

6. Always The Same Day.

Emma has been in love with her best friend for years, when they finally manage to be together she realizes that not everything is beautiful. They just were not meant to be together for the rest of their lives.

7. The Advantages of Being Invisible.

Charlie is only 15 years old and will start high school, he feels a little insecure since his best friend committed suicide a year before, so he will have to start that new stage of his life alone. Upon entering he meets Sam and his stepbrother Patrick, he increasingly falls in love with Sam, only he never stops seeing him only as a "Good friend". One of my favorites.

8. Votes Of Love.

They loved each other like no other couple in the world, until she suffers a terrible accident where she loses her memory. This causes him not to remember even that they were married. He makes a superhuman effort to conquer her again. It will break your heart a hundred times. Although the end is worth it.

9. A Love to Remember.

I told you not to fall in love with me That says it all.

10. Remember me

He was rebellious and his only love was his little sister, until he met Ally. Unfortunately the ending is too sad.

11. 500 Days With Her.

Not because someone likes the same strange things that you do, it means that you are your soul mate.

12. Under the Same Star.

Okay? okay.

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With the help of: Natalia González / Journalist University of Chile.

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