The 13 Commandments of MATERNITY

Being a mom indicates having responsibilities and modifying your life completely. So if you think you are a mom or you already are, we give you 13 commandments that you will have to follow.

1. You can not have a conversation on the phone without it being interrupted by a cry.

2. You will no longer commit impure acts in every corner of the home.

3. You will not sleep a night running.

4. You will give up a clean house 24 hours a day.

5. You will not lie to your children.

6. You will not kill the neighbor when he yells gooool! and wake up your baby.

7. You will sanctify the day your son sleeps for eight hours.

8. You will honor your parents more than ever for all their effort.

9. You will not swear in vain not to reproduce again.

10. You will not steal toys from your friend's house who also just had a baby.

11. Even if you do not have all the answers, you will have to answer when your child has any questions.

12. You will not covet the life of others that your friends have.

13. You will forget those times that you gave yourself long 1 hour baths.

The most important thing is that everything is worth it when you see them smile at you.

Video: The 10 Commandments Sermon by Pastor Greg Laurie - Ten Commandments Greg Laurie Sermon 2018 (January 2020).