8 Things my FATHER should have done before he left when she was a little girl

Being a girl and not having the support of the father figure can sometimes be very difficult, just as it was for me when I was little.

Fortunately, my mom managed to get ahead of me and my sisters, but of course, I can not deny that I would have loved that my father did these 10 things before separating from my mother and leaving her daughters to luck.

1. To have respected my mother.

Those nights that he came from the work of bad and took revenge with her, they broke my heart. Sometimes we did not have a lot of money for luxuries and that always made him feel bad, coming to insult her and sometimes to hit.

2. That he would have gone to school for me.

I remember that when I was a girl, most of my friends waited with a face of illusion to their parents. I only dreamed that he would come and take me for an ice cream. Unfortunately he preferred to stay "working" in his business. Now I understand that it really made her want to go for me.

3. Advise me about the boys.

Today I am 25 years old, and although I will not be able to be an expert in loving relationships, it would have been useful for my father to advise me or he would have just given me a hug when I was disappointed in love.

4. Worry that we did not go hungry.

When I was 14 years old, he left because of the trauma that caused him not to have had a son, leaving my mother and us with a great task, which was knowing how to get ahead on our own. This implied that we all get to work in what we could. Fortunately, today we do not have money problems.

5. Ask me to watch football with him.

Since I was little I liked football, (not very common among girls) and although when I was little I wanted to see him, he always asked me to go to my room and leave him alone. How that hurt me!

6. That he did not tell us that because of us he would leave.

When we came to argue with him, he always ended with the phrase "You will make me go away". When that day arrived, my mother told us that if he left, it was because of his problems and not because of us. It helped us too much to know.

7. I would have liked to receive answers in due time.

Today I have many doubts, I could have served those answers a few years ago. Possibly I never have them.

8. That he would have valued his family.

He was macho and I have to say, very silly. Because he did not know how to value the incredible and valuable women he had at his side.

Today after more than 10 years without seeing it, I can say that this fact caused me many doubts and insecurities as a child. With professional help, from my family, friends and mainly my mother, I managed to get ahead. I do not wish him anything, neither good nor bad, everyone who fights with his faults.

I did not write this to cause pity, but for all those men who are reading you can understand how difficult it can be for your future daughters that you do not care about them. Take care of your princesses!

Many kisses. ♥

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