14 Things you should not let people do with you

Living to please others will absorb life slowly and painfully. Letting others make you a rag will consume you completely. If you want to start being happy and others respect you, you should not allow them to do these things with you.

That drag you to absurd discussions.

Do not waste your time arguing with foolish people that the only thing they want to achieve is to get you out of your boxes. You do not have to show your intelligence to this kind of absurd and meaningless people.

Contagiate your negativity.

Seeing the good side of life is a choice, do not get contaminated by negative people, let them stay in the dark, you do not.

Make fun of your physical defects.

You are unique and unrepeatable and that makes you special, your scars are your war stories, do not tell you to hide them.

That they throw in your face your errors.

We all make mistakes, learning from them is our responsibility. The mistakes are needed to become strong, do not let anyone tell you that you are weak by committing them.

That intimidate you

Insecure and weak people will try to intimidate who they consider stronger than them. Never let them make you less, you must defend your position, never bend before someone who wants to submit.

That they betray you.

A true friend is one who will love you as you are, who respects you and is loyal to you, who betrays you does not deserve anything from you.

That they lie to you again and again.

If they lie to you once it's not your fault, if they do it twice then it is. It is enough that they manipulate you, who loves you will never lie to you.

That only take advantage of you.

Get away from people who just want to get things from you without giving anything in return, you do not need them.

Always be the second plan of the people.

You are not anyone's second dish, give yourself your place, you must always be the plan A of that person that interests you.

Let them get into your healthy relationships.

If you have a beautiful relationship do not allow others to contaminate it, they can give you advice but you are the one who decides whether you will apply them or not.

That make you hate.

Your heart should not harbor feelings of hatred, do not wish evil on anyone and least of all if someone asks you to do so.

Let them use your past to hurt you.

We all have a past that reminds us of who we are and who we want to be. It is not a weapon with which they should hurt you, it is a weapon with which you must defend yourself.

That they distance you from your goals.

Do not let people full of envy pull you back or move you away from your goals. Do not pay attention when they say "You can not", that motivates you to say "I can do that and more".

Let them tell you what you need to be happy.

To achieve happiness you must be full and grateful with what life gave you. You build your happiness, do not let anyone tell you what material to use.

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