5 Things that NO ONE tells you about the first 3 months of pregnancy

As in movies, society has told us over time how romantic and beautiful pregnancy is, but nobody ever tells you some unpleasant things about it. Maybe you hear about 69753 times the phrase "It's hard, but it's so worth it", maybe it is but you better be prepared to go through these 5 things.

1. You will feel that it is not worth it.

Why have I gotten into this? I'm ready? Will I be a good mother? Motherhood is a shocking stage full of express changes, your life will change completely, nothing will be the same and you will have to adapt little by little. Easy, you will achieve it!

2. Your memory will fail and you will feel stupid.

Your hormones behave like "bitches" with you, and get ready because not only the nausea, laziness, extreme tiredness, muscular pains, headaches and swelling will be your companions. Your memory will also fail, you will be distracted and you will think that your brain has a slight mental retardation.

3. You will have terrible nightmares.

You will dream of catastrophic things related to your baby, and more if you are new. The fear of not knowing what awaits you, unless you are capable enough will torment your mind. All your senses are enhanced, so it's normal, but relax, it's the best you can do.

4. You will feel a damn ungrateful.

You'll be fed up with all the discomforts and everything you'll give up to become a mother, at the same time you'll say "But there are so many women who want it and can not, I'm a damned ungrateful". You have the right to feel any emotion, do not feel guilty, it's part of the process.

5. You do not want this stage to end and at the same time you will not support it anymore.

Tired of all the discomforts, of feeling fat, of having pains, of crying and exploding without reason, but at the same time you wish that it does not end, because besides having a beautiful part, you know that the great responsibility is about to arrive. It's like a time bomb.

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