Keys to know if you already found your soul GEMELA

The search for the soulmate has ruled humanity for millions of years, I do not know if there is such a thing, but what I do know is that when you find the right person a click is heard in your soul. But, how to know if I already found it?

There are some keys that can confirmártelo. Pay close attention!

They communicate without the need for words.

A look, a handshake, a smile, only the couple understands this language. They know exactly what they wanted to say without a single word.

Your whole being screams "You've found it!"

You have fallen in love a thousand times but this one is completely different, your soul knows that there is something special.

The physical chemistry is palpable.

Look him in the eyes, give him a kiss, a hug, take him by the hand, even if the years pass, the spark feels like the first time.

When you met him you felt that you already knew him.

That feeling of having seen it somewhere, having known it before, are thousandths of a second in which the universe is giving you a message.

They felt comfortable from the start.

There was never an uncomfortable silence between you, from the moment you met everything flowed like water, without prejudices or masks.

They challenge themselves to grow.

It challenges you like no other and motivates you to be a better version of yourself.

They do not agree on everything, but they are a team for everything.

They may have different visions of many things in life, but they know how to reach a point where both agree.

Not today another person that gives you more calm.

Your home is not the place where you live, your home is your partner, no matter where they are or how difficult are the moments, you know that if they are together everything will be fine.

They have separate identities but face the world as one.

They are not equal, each one has different virtues and defects but they fight as one against the world.

The conversation never ends.

Even if they spend a lot of time together and the years run, they never stop talking to each other, the words are endless.

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