8 Reasons why you are running out of friends

Friendship is something very valuable, therefore we must keep good friends. Sometimes we do things that we are not aware of or even consciously do, which is even worse.

Avoid doing the following if you do not want to be alone and without friends.

1. Omit certain things.

Keep in touch via Facebook with the ex of your best friend and not tell your friend. Do not invite your best friend to a meeting to which you invited more friends.

2. Hypocrite.

To speak badly about your friends behind their backs, criticize them, complain and defame them, no matter how small, that is not done!

3. Flirt

Flirting to the suitors of your friends, it's a bad taste!

4. Borrow.

Ask for borrowed money and invent a thousand pretexts for not paying. (If you have problems, better discuss it and talk about it).

5. Respect.

If your best friend invites you to a party, meeting or meal, do not ask everyone to see your Facebook, WhatsApp, cell phones etc. Remember that you are only a guest and you must respect other social circles. If people give you input, integrate, but do not feel that you already belong to them.

6. Envy.

There is nothing worse than having a girlfriend as an envious girl, who instead of supporting you only passes her by questioning everything, demeaning the effort and feeling envious at all times.

7. The one more.

It is very annoying when you tell something to a friend and it turns out that she already knew it, she already had it, she already knew him, or she even begins to talk about her experience and she forgets that you were the one who started talking about it.

8. Stay and not comply.

If you are one of those who always stay to go or even commit to carry something and never meet, let me tell you that you are about to get them to never invite you again.

There are no false friends, but false ones who believe they are friends.

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