8 Things to remember when everything seems to go wrong

Sometimes melancholy comes to us in an impressive way, what we recommend doing is thinking about positive things. Realize the good things you have, it is not so easy to have a clear picture in those moments; However, follow these 8 steps and you will see that the panorama improves.

1. Pain is part of growth.

Sometimes life closes some of its doors because it's time to move on, and that becomes a good sign because we often do not move unless circumstances force us to do so. When times are difficult, we must remember that there is no pain that comes with good teaching.

If you fall, get up and try again. I know that it is complicated to understand and assimilate it at the moment but it is possible. You need all your will.

2. Everything in life is temporary.

Every time it rains, at some point it will stop raining. Every time they hurt you, you will heal. After darkness there will always be a light. You have to remember this every morning when you wake up, because as much as you think that the night is eternal, nothing lasts forever and in turn will dawn.

If things are good, enjoy them, surely that balance will not last forever in your life.

The fact that life is not easy in some circumstances, does not mean that we forget to smile. Each moment gives you a new beginning and a new ending. Surely you will have a second chance, you just have to take the best of each day and the rest let it go. Give time to the time!

3. Worrying and complaining does not change anything.

People who complain constantly never achieve anything in their life. It is always better to try to do something big and fail, than to do nothing and be successful. Really things end when people complain without stopping. If you really believe in something, you have to keep trying, you do not have to let the shadows of the past obscure the doors that are directed towards your future.

Today, yesterday is left behind, tomorrow will always be brighter than today. The real change is never to look back, nor to regret what you have lived, much less what you have learned. Always remember that true happiness begins to come only when you stop complaining about your problems and start being grateful for all the problems you do not have.

4. Your scars are the symbol of your strength.

Never be ashamed of the scars that life has left you. A scar means a pain that is already healed, it means the conquest of pain, a learned lesson that makes you stronger and takes you to your present. A scar is the tattoo of triumph that we should be proud of, what we should not allow is that that scar makes us hostage and that it fills our lives with fears. Always be clear that scars disappear or are transformed, the point is to see your scars as a sign of strength and not pain. You always have to see the positive side of things.

5. Every little fight is a step forward.

In life, patience is not about waiting, it is having the ability to maintain a good attitude while working hard in your dreams, knowing that this work will be worthwhile. So if you are going to run the risk, you have to put all the time necessary to go all the way, otherwise it is better not even to have a starting point. Many times fighting for something means losing the stability of life and the comfort of your time, maybe it could mean not eating what you want or not sleeping as necessary.

6. Stay away from negative people.

Be positive when negativity surrounds you, smile when others try to kill you. It's an easy way to maintain enthusiasm and focus when other people try to change it, it's always you. Never let the bitterness of another person change your mood. The golden rule to achieve this, is not to take things too personal even if they seem to be, rarely do people do things for you, usually do them for their own sake.
Above all, you never have to change to impress someone who says you are not good enough for him. The changes that really impress and dazzle, happen when you change to be a better person, to take you to a better future. People always talk about what you do well and what you do wrong, so it's better to worry about yourself before worrying about what others think.

7. The best thing you can do is move on.

Do not be afraid to try again something that at first did not turn out as you wanted, do not waste time to return to love, to live again or to dream again. Do not let a hard choice harden your heart, the best lessons of life are learned in our worst moments and come out of the biggest mistakes. Sometimes you have to go through the worst to get to the best.

Life can sometimes be very difficult, but we must find the strength to laugh every day, find the courage to feel good about yourself, so you will make others smile as well. Do not stress over the things that can not be changed, you have to live with simplicity, love with generosity, speak with the truth, work with pleasure and keep growing day by day.

8. Remember that many people really want to have your problem.

There are people who are going through it much worse than you at the moment and would give everything to have a problem like yours. Courage, everything can be solved!

Remember that everything happens for something.

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