15 Secrets of the AZAFATAS that will leave you in SHOCK

Being a good stewardess is not easy, it requires many skills that many of us do not have, such as being too patient, educated, speak more than one language and mainly to maintain a smile even though you are going through a difficult time.

We will reveal some of the secrets that not many know about being a stewardess.

1. Models and Gourmet food.

Believe it or not, many models that travel in first class, which are served a gourmet dish, do not give more than 3 snacks to the food and then leave. The stewardess says that many of them are so traumatized by their weight that they do not want to eat anything. If the food they leave is in good condition, they eat it or end up on the plate of a passenger who has been left hungry.

2. The bathrooms on long flights.

There is no worse thing than a bathroom that smells like a barn after an 8 hour flight. To completely remove the bad smell, the hostesses use bags full of coffee beans, which absorb odors, and only then can they maintain a pleasant aroma.

3. The drunks.

The stewardesses are strictly forbidden to see a drunk person in the eyes, and even if the person bothers them, they simply have to ignore it, because if they answer badly or hit him, it is very likely that the stewardess will end up fired. Once the plane lands, if the stewardess was harassed, ask security not to be let out of the airport until the police go and take it away.

4. You may not be eating what you think.

Have you seen the metal or plastic trays they give to put your plates of food? I'm afraid to tell you that many ladies get to put dirty diapers on top of them, so it's very likely that you are eating baby excrement if a peanut dropped on it.

5. For all you want, do not ask for a frasada.

Usually when it gets cold, people ask for a frasada to take shelter. I'm sorry to tell you that some do not wash every day, there are even times when they are used during 2 continuous flights. They simply fold them and leave them aesthetically beautiful so they look clean. If you find a strange smell in them, now you will know why it is.

6. The hearing aids that you borrow have been in hundreds of ears.

The airlines would lose a lot of money if all the hearing aids that they lend you were new, so they simply clean them with a damp towel, and repack them to give the appearance that they are "new".

7. If there are seats in first class you could be lucky.

Once the doors are closed, the hostesses send. This means that if you are a friend of one of them, you could easily change places, as long as one is available. Our anonymous hostess affirms that although it is not very often, it has done it on more than 2 occasions, because the boys who asked for it were really handsome and educated.

8. The 2 pilots are served different food.

Pilots always eat different things, if one eats chicken, the other eats meat. This so that if one of the two becomes intoxicated with food, the other does not suffer the same.

9. Pets suffer terribly during a flight.

Being an animal lover, our stewardess asks that if possible, never send any pet by plane. The stress he has seen in many of them while being put on a ramp to get them on the plane is indescribable. More than one has died due to cardiac arrests due to anxiety. If it is forced, it is better to look for another option, such as giving him some medication so he can sleep for a few hours.

10. You could be flying with a dead person.

It is common for flights to be sent by parcel of human organs or members that have to be investigated in another city. Can you imagine flying with the human head of someone recently killed? Scary!

11. The stewardesses and the pilots are unfaithful little tots.

It is very common that between them and them there are too many romantic adventures, since this helps them to remove the stress of so many trips. A stewardess cheated on her husband for 20 years with a pilot, and her husband never found out.

12. Suffer too much with your menstrual cycle.

The menstrual cycle of an air hostess is terribly affected due to the alteration in the secretion of melatonin, which is a hormone produced by the pineal gland, located in the center of the head.

13. They can not travel if they have a cold.

A stewardess can be fired if she does not tell you she has a cold. The reason goes beyond being able to infect a passenger.

When the plane begins to descend, the pressure inside and outside of the ear are different. That is, inside your ear there is a closed air chamber that is at a certain pressure; but when we descend, the pressure from the outside increases faster than that from the inside. The ear tries to equalize the pressure, but the mucus from your cold, which has now invaded the eustachian tubes (connecting the nose with the ear), makes this task much slower and more difficult. At this time, the pain becomes almost unbearable.

The sensation is like a very strong puncture, as if a needle was stuck in your eardrum.

14. Due to your health, it is mandatory to keep your legs up after each flight.

Due to changes in pressure, it is very common to begin to suffer varicose veins in the legs, in addition to spending many hours standing and pushing cars that weigh a lot. They take advantage of each scale to put their legs up and thus favor circulation in the blood so that they deflate as much as possible.

15. Cosmic radiation. (He left me in Shock).

The cosmic radiation is composed of different harmful particles, charged with energy that come from outer space and the sun. On earth we are exposed to this type of radiation, but at higher altitudes (17-20km), greater exposure and risk.
The WHO (World Health Organization) says that radiation between 2 and 3 mSV is considered normal. However, it has been proven that flight crews are exposed to radiation up to 5 mSv.

A continuous radiation at this level increases the risk of cancer. In fact, there are some studies that assure an increase in breast and skin cancer among flight attendants, although they are not conclusive in terms of cosmic radiation as a determining factor.

When a flight attendant becomes pregnant, it is totally forbidden to continue flying: first by pressure changes, and second, by cosmic radiation.

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