15 Phrases that single women are fed up with listening. No more please!

Being single is a lifestyle and there are many reasons why we can be in this status. Sometimes we just do not want something serious with anyone, sometimes we do not know that person who encourages us to devote all our time or sometimes nothing else is not given, and if you are part of the club it is very common for aunts, sisters , moms or friends, ask the following questions. (It is very common for them to do it during weddings or family gatherings),

1. The aunt metiche.
Typical that you are at a wedding watching the mass and the aunt next door says: "And you for when?"

2. Hope.
It will reach you when you least expect it, the more you are looking for the less you will find.

3. Cupid
I'll introduce you to a friend who is also single.

4. The typical phrase.
You see what they say, "Sister jumped sister left."

5. The question.
Are you already dating someone?

6. At least ...
If you do not marry at least have a child.

7. The doubt.
I do not understand why you're still single ... if you're so pretty.

8. Appointments.
You should try one of those dating pages.

9. The defeat.
Do not worry, it's being better alone than badly accompanied.

10. The council.
One day, when you are married, you will want to be single.

11. "The ugly"
You are too demanding, you should be more satisfied.

12. Time.
Even these in time, before your best years pass, get a man who is always by your side.

13. Memory.
He / she did not deserve you, although he was a good person because it happened.

14. Transformation.
If you combed your hair, you would dress, you would paint better and you would have a boyfriend.

15. Moments.
Classic that birthdays, Christmas or New Year say: "I hope this year you do that to have a boyfriend / a."

What do you think? Have you ever heard these phrases? Did they say any?

For all the single of I have nothing left to say ... YOU WILL GET NOW!

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