Things you will do whether you want or not the day you become a mom

When we are young and still have no children, we often criticize the way other women raise their babies, and we promise not to do those strange, disgusting or complicated things the day we become mothers. But guess what, we all end up doing them.

Take horrible medicine for them to take.

They do not want to open their mouths for anything in the world, so you sacrifice your palate to deceive them and thus give in.

Kill insects

Never in your life did you have the courage to kill a cockroach or a spider, but if you see that one of these insects is very close to your child, your phobias disappear and you annihilate them as if you were a ninja.

Smell the diaper.

It's disgusting but all moms do the same to know if your baby already needs a change.

Clean vomit without vomiting.

You used to vomit if you only saw someone else doing it, but with your baby that disappeared, you are even able to give your valuable bag to do it inside her. Or put your hands to avoid dirtying the room.

Eat the things your baby already chewed or drools.

The innocence of babies can lead them to commit very grotesque acts for us. Sometimes they chew their food, leave it all drooling and want to share it with you, and to not disappoint them you swallow that horrible mouthful.

Wipe the snot with your clothes.

Sometimes there is no paper at hand and a sneeze they take out a huge amount of green snot. What do you do? You can not leave it like that, then you sacrifice the sleeve of your shirt.

Let him sleep with you and your partner.

Before having a baby, you and your partner agreed that the privacy of the bedroom would be sacred, that the children would sleep in their room regardless of anything. Well, you did not count on nightmares.

Let him eat junk food.

Before you swore that your children would be healthy where you look, but sooner than you give in to those little snacks.

Leave your social life completely.

You said that when you were mom you would find the time to continue dating with friends. Well, now that you're a mom that does not even interest you anymore.

Put your hand in the toilet to remove objects.

Children throw everything in the toilet, and yes, you are the one who takes them out without even putting on a glove.

Do not mind being drowned most of the day.

When you saw a baby drooling in the street you died of disgust, but today all your clothes smell like slime.

Breastfeed in public.

Your priority is the welfare of your baby, hear him cry of hunger makes the modesty disappear.

Agree to your tantrums.

I will never let him control me with his tantrums! It is not possible to always contain yourself, you know it.

Do embarrassing things in public to amuse him.

The world disappears when you want to get a smile from that angel, so people look at you thinking you're crazy.

Give life for him or her.

That's right, if you ever thought this was an exaggeration, today you know you would do it without even blinking.

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