A father writes a beautiful letter to his little daughter about how his future husband should be

Dear CutiePie.

Recently your mother and I were looking for an answer on Google. Halfway through writing the question, Google helps you autocomplete the phrase with the most popular searches in the world.
At the top of this list was a title called "How to make him keep interest in you."

I was startled by the sight and began to read dozens of articles that talked about how to be sexy for him, when to bring him a beer and ways to make him feel smart and superior. I get very angry. Small, you must understand that it is not, never has been, nor will your work be "Keep it interested in you". Your only task is to know from the deepest and unwavering of your heart that you are someone interesting. (If you always have in mind that all people become interesting too, in your life you will win many battles, although I will write that on another occasion).

If you can trust that you are worth a lot and you are an interesting woman, you will be attractive in the best sense of the word. This will cause you to end up knowing a boy who puts all his interest and life in you.

I do not care if you put your elbows on the table when you have dinner, as long as you put your eyes on that wrinkle that you make on your nose when you smile and can not stop looking at you with eyes of love.

I do not care if you can not play golf with me, as long as I can play with the children you give him, enjoy all those glorious moments and realize that this is how you were when you were little.

I do not care if you are not interested in money, as long as you follow your heart, which always end up directing towards you.

I do not care if it is strong, while giving you the space to strengthen all the valuable things that you have in your heart.

I do not care who you vote for, as long as you wake up choosing you in your life.

I do not care about the color of your skin, as long as you paint your lives with colors with patience, sacrifice, vulnerability and tenderness.

I will not care about your religion, as long as he has been brought up knowing that every moment in life and every moment together is sacred.

In the end, little one, if you stumble upon a man like that, and even though he and I have nothing in common, we will have the most important thing: You.

Because in the end, little one, the only thing you have to do to keep him interested in you is to be yourself.

Your eternally interested boy.


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