What does sadness have to do with braiding hair? According to my grandmother ...

Grandmothers are a trunk full of wise advice they have acquired throughout their lives. I share this to you that surely will be of great use to you.

My grandmother said:

My grandmother said that when a woman felt sad, the best thing she could do was to braid her hair, in this way the pain would be trapped between her hair and could not reach the rest of her body. We had to be careful that the sadness did not get in the eyes, because it would make them rain, it was not good to let it enter our lips, because it would force them to say things that were not true. Neither should you get between your hands, because you could toast the coffee more or leave raw dough, and that sadness likes the bitter taste. She told me: "When you feel sad girl, shake your hair, catch the pain in the skein and let it escape when the north wind hits hard."

She also told me: "Our hair is a net capable of catching everything, it is strong like the roots of the ahuehuete and soft like the foam of the atole. Do not get caught by the melancholy my girl, even if you have a broken heart or cold bones due to some absence. Do not let it get into you with your hair loose, because it will flow in a cascade through the channels that the moon has drawn between your body. "

"Braid your sadness," he said, "always braid your sadness and tomorrow you wake up with the song of the sparrow will find pale and faded in the loom of your hair."