9 Reasons why I do not plan to have children

Currently, society sees it as a terrible act to decide not to have children. Many and many young people are currently choosing not to dedicate their lives to a new person, whom they will have to care for, nurture and educate for many years of their lives. This is not something that is wrong, for many it may sound selfish and bitter, for me it is perfectly prudent.

Have you thought about simply not having children? For whatever reason, you are in all your rights.

Next, I will put 10 reasons why it is okay to decide not to bring a baby to this world.

1. You no longer have a life of your own.

If you have a child, it is to devote as much time as possible. Those moments of tranquility in your life will no longer exist, and now you will have to submit to enormous sleeplessness that many of us would be very bad.

2. Your dreams of traveling will remain a simple dream.

If you thought about wanting to go around the world traveling through new lands and meeting new people, you will simply stay stagnant. Thing that very likely may end up becoming a trauma, which you will retaliate with your little one.

3. You do not have enough money.

Mainly in Latin American countries, the economy is getting worse every day. In Mexico the level of unemployment is very high, and in case you find one, so you have a university career, the payment is very bad. The stress that you will live the next 25 years of your life, trying to generate the money your child will need, will end your health. To have a child you need mainly love and although many deny it, money.

4. You will have to change your way of being.

When you have no children you are a free soul. If you want you can smoke, drink, arrive in the early morning without anyone controlling you. With a child you will have to stay DAILY at home seeing that he is well. You can no longer curse, watch bloody movies, much less plan vacations with your friends.

5. Your life can become hell.

The reason? It is very easy, there are simply people who can not stand a child crying, having to clean if you do the bathroom, tantrums and whining at all times. And this only while it is small. It will be much worse when you reach your adolescent stage, and even though you have given everything, he / she hates you for no reason. Now imagine that you can get pregnant with someone, in the end, 1,000 worries, that you may not want to live.

6. The world is really fucked up.

I would not like to give life to a human being in this world that is getting worse. Today there is more hate, more technology that is destroying us, corrupt politicians, danger in the streets, and although it sounds very hippie, I would not like to live in such a world.

7. You do not have patience.

You have never been very patient in life, which a child simply would not deserve. If you are not a patient person, it is very likely that the child will grow up with screaming and scolding, which in the end will bring you many psychological problems when you grow up.

8. You do not know someone intelligent enough with whom you would like to raise a child.

There may also be a case in which, even if you want to have a child, at the same time you doubt it, because that person that you think is adequate and capable of educating a child has not yet arrived. Many times girls and boys end up having children by mistake, with a person they never really loved. Remember that if you have a child and in the future you decide to separate yourself from that person, it is very likely that you should continue to have contact with that person even if you do not want to.

And the most important.

9. Why do not you want to say no more!

You do not have to be good with society, you just do not have that nature and that's it.

I'm sure many of you may have a very different vision, and many others will agree with me. Be that as it may, the most important thing is to make things sure of yourself and with all possible love. That's all that matters.

Greetings and please share.

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