Things that every man should do with a pregnant woman

Pregnancy is not just a woman's thing, to reach this state it took both. The man does not experience all the changes and discomfort that the pregnancy generates in the body, but he can get involved in the whole process being close to her. Both have to be prepared or they could get hurt in the attempt. Hahaha

So today we will tell you the things you must do so that the future mom does not get overly stressed and you can enjoy it in the same way.

Feed her.

You will have cravings, if you meet them you will love yourself even more at this stage, it would also be nice if suddenly you bring breakfast to bed or tell him that you cook.

Never criticize its appearance.

For what you want most, do not tell her she's fat, feelings are on the surface. Women in this stage tend to stop feeling sexy, so some good compliments are more than required. Make her feel beautiful and desired.

Do not bother if you are distracted.

Hormones attack your brain, it will become distracted and forgetful, do not get mad if you entrust something and forget it, this will generate frustration.

Humor will be your ally.

Take mood swings with humor, hormones cause sudden changes, do not get mad, hug her and tell her how much you love her.

Give him massages.

Your whole body is swollen, your feet will torture you. Surprise her and while they watch television and give her a loving massage.

Go shopping with her.

She will want to buy things for the baby, join in these purchases, give her support in everything, do not leave her with the package to herself.

Take the initiative.

Surprise her and paint the baby's room, arm the crib, etc. Give her a nice surprise, that she see your interest and emotion for the new member.

Prepare to get fat.

It is proven that men gain weight along with women during pregnancy. The reason? The Couvade Syndrome, share their cravings and accompany them in whatever they want to eat. Do not deny yourself, they will drop the extra pounds together.

Video: Healthy Pregnancy Tips From the CDC (January 2020).