Phrases you should never tell your child or you will DESTROY

Words hurt more than blows and leave scars deeper than any wound. As adults and parents we have an enormous responsibility in our hands, because we could destroy our children in a second. Be very careful with what you tell them, start by removing these 10 hurtful phrases from your vocabulary.

1. You never do anything right.

Children learn every day, you can not demand something that is not within their reach. It is your responsibility to teach them, and if something does not go well for them you do not have to insult them, it is better to encourage them to try again.

You should look more like your brother.

You can not ask him to look like someone else and less like his brother, if you do that you will only create irrational rivalries and rivalries. We are all unique and unrepeatable people, you must encourage and respect that individuality.

You are fat, stupid, ugly.

Children believe everything we say, we are their most reliable source, so do not underline the negative, better let them see your qualities. He will begin to believe in himself thanks to you.

You always embarrass me.

Even if your child throws tantrums at home or in public, never tell them you are ashamed of them. He is probably trying to tell you that he needs attention, so he better focus that energy on positive things and activities that will help him, such as drama, dance or sports.

I knew I should not have children!

Sometimes we believe that if we make them feel bad they will abide by the rules and behave better. Serious error! If you say hurtful words you will create rebellion and you will drive them away from your side.

I have had enough.

Sometimes we lose our patience easily due to the stress that daily activities cause, but getting away with your children will not help, it's better to explain things to your little ones.

I do not love you anymore.

When they do something wrong, sometimes we say "If you keep doing that, I'll stop wanting you" or "I do not love you anymore because you're bad". They should not learn that your love is conditional, if what you want is that they comply with the rules you must resort to an adequate punishment, but love should not be involved.

Stop crying, it's not that bad.

To repress the feelings and emotions of our children is an act that we often do and only achieve that as an adult he does not know how to express his emotions or feels guilty in doing so.

You are just as stupid as your father (mother).

You should not express ill of the father or mother of your children, much less compare it that way. If you do not have anything good to say about the other person, it's better if you do not say it.

Stop asking silly questions.

No question is silly, children have a tireless thirst to know and you are a source of knowledge for them. Encourage your curiosity, do not cage it.

Video: 7 Things You Should Never Say to Children (January 2020).