10 Things that every woman does not know about men and should know

We are used to believing that all men are equal, that they are all louts without feelings and that they will never mature. We are in a serious error, not all are equal and there are still things about them that you do not know and that you have to know in order to see them from another perspective. Do not generalize, you would not like them to do the same with you.

They are very emotional.

Unfortunately, society has taught them that men do not cry, but those who manage to break this absurd concept do not fear crying or showing their emotions. An emotionally free man will have a much better relationship than those who do not.

They do not like loneliness.

Mature men are much more affected by loneliness than by other people.

They look for how to solve things.

Believe it or not, when men have a fight with their partner they are always thinking about how to solve things, that is how their brain works.

They look at other women.

According to Pranjal Mehta, a social psychologist at Columbia University, in man there is a large amount of testosterone, which hurts the region that controls the impulses of the brain. This would be the explanation that justifies that they can not avoid turning to see a woman, and that in the same way they forget it immediately after it leaves their visual field.

They are territorial.

Men have a tendency to be violent when it comes to defending what is theirs, both talking about relationships and belongings.

They need a hierarchy.

Men have the need to have a hierarchy, that is why they join sports groups or the army.

Maturing makes them less competitive.

Stability is the goal of every man, and as they mature competitiveness and aggression decreases, managing to balance their lives.

They are parents.

Months before your baby is born a man's brain generates hormones that change it completely, making them paternal.

They are loving and want to be loved.

The idea that men are cold is false, they seek to have and give love like everyone else.

They want to get married.

Men are more likely to be unfaithful before they are 30, but after this age they want to compromise and settle down.

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