12 WhatsApp groups you've ever been in

WhatsApp has saved us a lot of money and has made communication with the people we care much more efficient and faster, and although these 12 types of groups in which you have most certainly been can drive you crazy, you also have to accept that it would not be the same without them.

1. The group of school friends.

Like Facebook, WhatsApp has served to recover contact with people with whom you do not see yourself for years. At first, it is exciting to add many people who were with you in high school or primary school, but after a few minutes you realize that everyone is someone else, they are not those children you used to play with when you were little. They talk differently, they dress differently and logically they look different. Luckily, and to have a topic of conversation, there will always be talks where you remember the teacher madjona, the funny man of intendancy, the sweets they ate, etc.

2. The family group.

First of all, this group was invented by your aunt or your mother when they learned about the existence of WhatsApp. They are usually boring groups, primarily dedicated to the organization of Sunday family meals. There is not much activity, but sometimes the calm is disturbed when your mother gives you one of those supposedly solidary chain messages, use (bad) emoticons or send a meme that has gone out of style and does not cause you no grace It is common for your father to leave after 2 days of being invited to this group.

3. The group of your current friends.

Although you see yourself daily with them, this is possibly your favorite group and the one that makes you laugh the most, as it gets stuck with memes, extremely funny photos and even gossip in real time. The best of all is when everyone comes together to annoy a friend who ends up getting angry. Black humor is classic in this group.

4. The work group.

It was created by that camaraderie partner in a teambuilding attack and always has the name of some internal joke related to the activity of the company. Usually the group is led by a person who insists on trying to foster camaraderie by making jokes that were funny only on the first day. The rest answers sporadically. Of course, when a problem arises at work or is about criticizing the boss, then everyone answers.

5. The group of friends of your friends.

Also known as the group of your girlfriend's friends. They are people with whom you usually agree and with whom you get along well in person, but the level of trust is not the same as with your old friends. The problem with these groups is that they generate a permanent state of tension, since you never know exactly what tone to use, or how far you can go with the jokes. Actually all the members of the group are the same, so it ends up being a group of the most hated.

6. The group "VIP".

When too many "friends of friends of friends" have entered in a group that was supposed to be only the people of your "little group", the first thing you choose is to make a new group called "Vip" or something similar where again You want only your 7 friends to be closer to you. Without saying anything or leaving the mother group, the three or four people who get better make a separate group to be able to "open up" from the rest of the not so important friends. In the end you start inviting more people and it ends up happening the same as with the previous group.

7. The group that must be DESTROYED at the end of the talk.

Sometimes having a talk about one of your friends who cheated on her boyfriend in the VIP group is a bit risky, since the boyfriend of the girl can discover the secret.

8. The group "for a cause".

It is one of the most feared groups, when they include you in one you know that they will ask you for something. The objective is usually a collection: a birthday is coming or a friend is going abroad, someone has had the idea of ​​making a joint gift and they add you for "if you want to participate". Usually the idea of ​​the gift does not bother you at all, but you are too lazy to think of anything else to dissent. There are about 30 people in the group but they speak two or three, the rest is limited to answering in monosyllables. Although it is worse when someone comes to propose something else and end up having 236 unread messages with a discussion that does not interest you in the least.

9. The group failed.

They form when special events approach. You are invited to this group by a friend not very close who simply writes at the beginning "Hello!" And after this no longer replies. We never quite knew what he wanted or what his goals were when he added you and dozens of other people. They usually use the group to inform that they are selling clothes, perfumes or anything else, but when they do not continue with the business, they let the group die.

10. The group you do not want to be in

It is a variant of the previous one. It is also born around a specific event but with the nuance that you will not be able to attend, and although you know it, you have not told anyone else. Ex: a trip to the beach between pure friends.

The group administrator suspects you and possibly adds you to cause you some anger. Then you have only 2 options, the first is to leave and assume that you will not go or stay and give them the plane until the date of the event.

11. The spam group.

It's the WhatsApp equivalent of invitations to Facebook events. It is initiated by someone who opens a store or some other business, organizes an event inviting you to the opening. Without prior notice, he creates a mega-group with all the contacts on his phone and writes a whole scroll that always concludes with a "I'd love to see you there". Suddenly you are invaded by messages from people that you can not identify because you do not have their number. The vast majority making excuses for which they will not be able to attend and curse the spammer with all your strength.

12. The ghost group.

Any of the above can become one of them. One day while you're bored you go to review all your chats and you find that group that you did not even remember. All the others have left and now you are the administrator. Then, at the height of the absurd, you write to yourself.

Did we miss one?

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