21 Lovely things that a modern DAD does today

The parents of today have broken all the stereotypes around them, the upbringing and care of the little ones no longer falls completely on the mothers, now they have become much more involved but they still do not recognize everything they do. Believe it or not, today a modern dad does all these things and more.

Are you a dad like that?

1. They change diapers.

2. Have fun with them and for them.

3. They cook.

4. Help them get dressed.

5. Despite the distance always try to be close.

7. They let you win so you know how strong you are.

8. They get up at midnight.

9. They comb their daughters.

10. They are allowed to paint their nails and also paint them.

11. They help in cleaning the home.

12. Wash family clothes.

13. They are involved in the education of their children.

14. Sometimes they are willing to be the householder while the woman works.

15. They can be excellent single dads.

16. They worry about the emotional health of their children.

17. They love and respect mommy.

18. They worry when they get sick.

19. Your children are priority.

20. They are happy drivers of their offspring.

21. They are not afraid to express their feelings and emotions.

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