15 simple and tender things that a man does without wanting and we fall in love

There are millions of men in the world, many are concerned about their physique, their way of dressing and even more about the way they should address a girl, and all this is fine, only sometimes this is not necessary for to fall in love with a girl

If you are one of those who can simply fall in love with a person for a "dumb", then I'm sure you'll agree with me that you also find these next points tender and even sexy.

1. When you mark them in the morning and listen to their husky voice tell you: Hello.

2. When they simply confess to you that they are strangers and that it is not very easy to relate to many people.

3. That moment when they think you are not seeing that they are watching you with a face of lovers in love.

4. When you find them in the street disheveled, in shorts and sandals without much concern of what people will say about them.

5. That moment when talking about any topic, you realize that he is an intelligent boy due to his way of thinking and expressing himself.

6. When, despite being a bad singer or not knowing how to dance, he does not care and tries.

7. That honest laugh that you give when you make him laugh.

8. It will sound cruel, but seeing a man cry and not be sorry to show their feelings makes me realize that it is something special.

9. I do not know if the same thing happens to them but I like that they have a slightly acidic sense of humor. The amount of perfect cruelty, without falling into the vulgar or vulgar I love, because it makes me be able to be myself.

10. When they walk with you on the street he will pass you on the right side of the sidewalk. :3

11. That if they do not attend well in a restaurant, he does not keep his mouth shut and complain to the manager. Your safety can kill me.

12. That if they go to McDonalds and you do not ask for anything, they will give you their potatoes. Awww!

13. That if it's cold he gives you his coat.

14. When you meet a friend on the street, he will introduce you first before starting to talk with him (her).

15. And of course, that they integrate you in their plans. That invites you to the parties of his friends without you having to tell him that you want to go, that makes us realize that he really has a good time with us and that he wants to share his time.

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