25 Forbidden loves in the childhood of a girl of the 90's

I am 100% sure that if today you are in your 20's, when you were smaller or you were a teenager, you got to fall in love with these celebrities for their tender roles in movies or for their physical attractiveness.

Do you remember them?

1. Jonathan Bradis.

2. Atreyu (History without end).

3. Macaulay Culkin.

4. Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

5. Andtrew Keegan (10 things I hate about you).

6. Devon Sawa (Casper).

7. Ashton Kutcher.

8. Jesse McCartney.

9. Ryan Cabrera.

10. Pete Wentz.

11. Shane West (A love to remember).

12. Heath Ledger (10 things I hate about you).

13. Chad Michael Murray.

14. Ryan Gosling (Diary of a Passion).

15. Dylan and Cole Sprouse.

16. Joe Jonas.

17. Rupert Grint.

18. Aaron Carter.

19. Daniel Radcliffe.

20. Zac Efron.

21. Drake Bell.

22. All the guys from UFF.

23. Christopher Uckerman.

24. Imanol.

25. Martin Ricca.

Awwww old times!