15 Problems that every girl who is ALTA is tired of having

Only girls who are tall or very tall will understand the problems that life puts us face to face, I love being tall but it seems that the world is not made for us, it is too frustrating and I am sure that you will identify yourself.

1. People spend their time telling you how tall you are ... As if you had not already noticed!

2. All the time they ask you how much you measure ... What a damn obsession!

3. They also dare to suggest that you play basketball, or they ask you if you ever played it.

4. They judge you for wearing heels as if you were to blame for them being so low.

5. So you see yourself in the seats of plane or bus.

6. And if you want to relax in the bathtub, it is impossible because you do not fit completely stretched.

7. It is very difficult to find pants that do not fit like Capri.

8. The short dresses to you are too short, they are like shirts.

9. And those who try to bother you always compare you with a giraffe ¬ ¬

10. When you try to wear long-sleeved shirts, it is better not to stretch your arms, because it always seems that you have left girl.

11. You have the feeling that you should always wear low shoes.

12. People are always asking you to get them things from high places.

13. You always have to bend your knees to fit in the photos of your friends.

14. You collide with hanging lamps.

15. If someone hugs you, your head will always be up to your bubis.

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