15 Ways to worry your boyfriend

I am a man and today I have something to confess ...

Women have an impressive ability to make us sweat cold. With simple phrases you can make your boy not sleep through the night or even feel that the world is coming.

So if you want to pass a time of concern to your man, tell him these phrases.

(Note: I also add what we think when listening to them).

1. I'm very hungry.

If in itself ... when we hear the phrase "I have hunger" is something like: "you have 3 to run and bring me some food", listen: I have a LOT of hunger, it is something similar to: "Leave everything you are doing in this moment and we're going to eat, I do not care what it is. "

2. It does not lower me.

Oh ... God possibly the worst of all if you're still not sure you want to spend the rest of your life with that person. What's more, although it sounds cruel on many occasions, you are not sure why you are still with her and the thought that you can have a child with that person is simply the worst thing that can happen to you.

3. I want you to meet my parents.

It's not that we do not want to know them, just ... you feel helpless when you go to their house, surrounded by the whole family while they ask you hundreds of questions.

4. Can I borrow your cell phone?

We know that this only indicates one thing. They will investigate our cell phones as detectives, and the problem is that even though we really have nothing to hide, if the girl is jealous, any talk with a real friend or whatsapp message can end up being an infidelity. This has happened to me and sometimes trying to give an explanation sounds like an excuse.

5. We have to talk.

Ok ... we will be single.

6. I have nothing.

You do not believe it yourself.

7. Would you like to get married one day?

Possibly yes, the problem is that I still do not know if with you.

8. I'll tell you something but do not get mad.

The first thing we think is ... We talked to her ex! Her ex found her, She kissed with her ex, She is pregnant with her ex, Strange to her ex. Sometimes this is how we are catastrophic.

9. Why did not you answer my cell phone?

Amm ... because I was busy, in the bathroom, I did not hear it or I know, there's no reason to fight.

10. What do you see?

What are you talking about?…

11. Do you know my cell phone number?

Ooops ... No. I only have it stored on my cell phone.

12. Do you know how many months we have together?


13. Does this dress fit me?

Think fast ... think fast ... If you say yes, you're lying. If you say no, you will get depressed and say you do not like it anymore.

14. Can you lend me your computer for today? I need to do a task and mine does not work.

Praying at 3,2,1 so that all those dirty pages are erased by magic.

15. They told me something about you, but I can not tell you on the phone, we better see each other tomorrow.

Would not it be better if you told me tomorrow?

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