Problems with which you will identify yourself if you use lenses

Recently I started wearing glasses, and to be honest I was ignorant of all the problems that people who use them are going through. Today I want to show solidarity and show the world what really happens to us.

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They make you look like a brainiac and you feel the need to take them off when you see someone attractive.

The rain is a problem, they take away your visibility and it's a miracle that you survive the crossing.

If they break you have to tape them or paste them, but they make you look like a loser.

How many times have your eyes itched when trying to put them on quickly? Someday I'll get an eye out.

When you go to the gym, the sweat makes you slip, but anyway you slip for anything and all day.

You feel the need to clean them constantly, but if you clean them with your clothes they get worse, it's a vicious circle.

If someone borrows you, your glasses will always tell you: "What a blind person you are!"

Drinking coffee or any hot drink leaves you blind for a few seconds. You end like this:

You must decide between removing your glasses to get on the roller coaster and not see anything of the route, or risk losing them.

You have to find the right position to lie on your side without crushing them.

When you cook you have to flee from the oil or your lenses will suffer the consequences.

Placing your glasses to see a 3D movie is a dilemma.

If you lose them you start to sweat cold and you start thinking about the possibility of having a guide.

You hate someone else touching your glasses or trying to take them off.

Video: Sign Conventions for Mirror and Thin Lens Equation. Doc Physics (January 2020).