20 Things you never imagined would feel so good

Life is full of experiences, some unpleasant and others really beautiful. Then I will write from my own experience, 20 things that in one way or another is inevitable that make you feel really good.


See that your ex's new girlfriend does not come to your heels.


Finish school and not have to return to give a stupid task.


Be 100% faithful when you find your other half.


Have exercised for 2 years, and see the impressive results of your body in an before and after image.


Missing classes the same day your teacher missed. He has no way of claiming not to have given homework, since he did not either!


Take off your bra after a long day of school and lie down on your cold sheets.


Make your favorite sandwich and add fritters as "cheetos". Actually it does not feel good, but tastes delicious. Hahaha Try it!


To have put a good punch to that woman who for so long made you bullying and who now when she sees you, runs away from you.


Go to a Spa and have a prolonged and professional massage.


That moment when you see your baby for the first time. All that concern that he gave you when you found out you were pregnant vanishes completely.


Pick up a dog or kitten from the street, take care of it, give it food, bathe it and then give it up for adoption to a family that can take care of it as it deserves.


Cry of happiness when receiving those medical studies where they tell you that you do not have a serious illness.


Finish paying your first house, car or credit with your own salary.


Your first check - payment on your new job.


Become a vegetarian @ Although you do not believe it, your body feels a hundred different times (for good).


Sing, recite, expose in front of tens or hundreds of people and when you finish you all applaud.


Give up work that no longer made you happy.


Launch yourself with a parachute, feel the freedom and realize how small and helpless you are as you fall.


Go alone to the movies or a concert no matter what people think.


Make a dinner for all your friends and let everyone remember you for how delicious you cooked.

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