This is how Galilea Montijo looked 20 years ago. WE SURPRISED his radical BEFORE and AFTER. 10 Photos

Galilea Montijo Torres is for many an icon of Mexican television, since her participation in different programs of the Televisa network has earned her the title of the most recognized conductor in Mexico.

At 41, she recently became the mother of a little boy named Mateo. Fanatic of the shoes and of always showing her laughter to the spectator, this beautiful actress has evolved in recent years, and I have to say that her physical change has been really favorable for her. She had definitely never been as beautiful as now.

Here are some pictures of how he looked 20 years ago. Time does not pass through it!

We have to accept that without makeup it looks really pretty.

An exemplary mom.

As far as we know, many people in the middle find it very irritable, so much that they have invented many gossip about it, that although they have sometimes affected it, they do not stop it, because she is still standing and moving forward.

We congratulate you for getting ahead despite all the criticism!

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