23 Girls we were in love with in childhood

Just as you fell in love with some handsome TV guys when they were girls, we also had our Platonic loves. For the curious we leave the following list.

Note: It is worth mentioning that some we liked when we were small and others when we were a little bit older (pubertos-teenagers) haha. I hope you like it.

1. Alisan Porter (Little Pícara).

2. The girl of Endless History.

3. Madeline Zima (The Nanny).

4. Lindsay Lohan (Game of Twins).

5.Anna Chlumsky (My first kiss).

6. Cristina Ricci (Casper, Los Locos Adams).

7. Danielle Fishel (Topanga).

8. Lisa Voorhies and Tiffani Thiessen (Saved by the Bell).

9. Amanda Bynes.

10. Julianna Rose (LazyTown).

11. Daniela Lujan.

12. Andrea Elson (Alf).

13. Belinda.

14. Melissa Joan Hart (Clarissa, Sabrina).

15. Britney Spears.

16. Larisa Oleynik (The secret world of Alex Mack).

17. Power Ranger Rosa!

18. Kirsten Dunst (Jumanji).

19. Katie Holmes (Dawson's Creek).

20. Jenny Garth (Kelly - 90210).

21. Winnie (The wonderful years).

22. Alexa Vega (Spy Kids).

23. Alicia Silverstone.

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