Things that every MOM should do with their CHILDREN

If you are lucky enough to have a child per child, then you can not stop reading this beautiful article made especially for you. Being a mom is a blessing but also a huge responsibility.

Practice fairness

Let the housework be shared between you and your husband. Give him activities in the house, this way you will avoid that your child is macho, and when he is older he will have a home free of this evil and will respect the women.

Play with him.

Immerse yourself in your world, go out with him to play soccer, carts or fights, these are not exclusive activities of the father.

Support your favorite team.

Even if you do not like sports, make an effort, this will unite them and he will open up much more with you. You will strengthen your confidence and also spend incredible moments by your side.

Let her choose her haircut.

He is a child and has the right to experience, if not today, when.

Dress the same.

A look mom and son is the most tender of this world, remember that when you grow up you will not want to do it.

Talk about sex.

Do not leave this task only to dad, the opinion and the feminine side will come perfect, you are the only one who can explain it to perfection.

Have a day for both of you.

Dedicate one day a week, do different things that remain in your memory forever.

Hug him, kiss him and tell him daily that you love him.

Teach her that expressing her love is good, that she should do it and that she feels good.

Teach her that crying is fine.

Never, but never say "children do not cry". Do not repress the sensitivity that is in it, if you do it will create frustration and be an aggressive man.

Talk with him.

Never stop talking with your son, go to the park, buy an ice cream and talk about your day to day. Make him an expressive and self-confident man.

Teach her to cook.

Besides that it is a quality that girls will adore, they will be able to fend for themselves.

Tell him secrets.

This will make him trust you and when he is older go to you for advice.

Respect your privacy

There will be times when he wants to be alone or get away from you a bit, you should never deny him because he is looking for independence. It does not mean that he has stopped loving you, he is simply growing and sooner or later he will come back to you.

Give him freedom.

It starts giving you the opportunity to choose your clothes, your toys, what you want to eat, etc.

Being the mother of a child is a huge responsibility, in your hands is that he is a different man and breaks with the patterns that so much damage society and women.

If you liked to share it so that more women know what are the things that every mother should do with their children.