10 Reasons why he has not told you yet I LOVE YOU

Sometimes it often happens that we start a relationship and we never hear a "I LOVE YOU" on the part of our boy. It does not mean that he does not feel it or that he will never say it, but this may be delaying for several situations.

1. Do not feel ready to express it.

Usually the boys have a different opinion of loving someone. The fact that he is not saying it now does not mean he will never say it. He is going to say it when he feels comfortable and ready, he probably says it awkwardly while you are doing something casual, like for example moving the TV or walking in a square.

2. Ex girlfriend.

If his ex girlfriend trampled his whole heart, he will have to feel very safe before he says it again. I might need a little bit of your help to feel encouraged and confident.

3. I had never said it.

If he has never told anyone, he is probably thinking that it is better to wait. The first time is not so easy and it may take longer than others, calm down, you will end up doing it.

4. He has fear of the answer.

The idea of ​​someone responding: "What?" Or, worse, "OK" or "Thank you," when you confess your love to yourself, is more frightening than watching a horror movie. If he does not feel that he is going to get a "I love you" response, he might be waiting to feel safe.

5. You are waiting for a perfect moment.

Possibly he is waiting for the right moment, try to give him an option, do not force him to go to places that only you like, if he is in a comfort zone you will make things easier for him.

6. You do not want to rush.

The cries of his heart may be "I'm in love", but the rational parts of his brain are thinking "it's too soon".

7. He thinks he will make him too vulnerable.

Some men think that if they say the phrase "I love you" they will be exposed, because if he says it first you will have an advantage. Go silly way of thinking but that's the way it is.

8. He is not willing to have a serious relationship.

Maybe he still does not want to have a stable relationship, he just wants to have fun and have a good time. Certain age is common for certain men to be scared when they have a stable relationship, because they believe that by saying I love you, they are already committing to get married, but it is not, time will give the answers.

9. He is waiting for you to say it first.

He made a decision already, but it seems that way easier, without risk. Maybe he's a bit of a coward, but if you take the initiative he would feel happier. Although I do not recommend a fearful man who does not know how to take risks.

10. He does not love you.

It hurts but it can be the truth. If it's early in the relationship, he might need time, or maybe he just sees it as an occasional adventure. Take some time and if in a few months he does not tell you that magic phrase, see other options.

11. Do not force it!

Do not force him to tell you something he does not feel, many of us have done that and the only thing we cause is to deceive ourselves.

Has it happened to you? What have you done?

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