Today I woke up in 1999

I do not know what happened, I had a strange dream, it was the future, I was almost thirty years old and everything was extremely boring. It seems like it happened, it was just a nightmare. While I stare at my eyes I see my pillow painted blue. Got damn.

I do not know if it was a good idea to paint my hair, or pex, it's fashion. I'm a kid, it's easy for me. I immediately jump from my bed to the iMac.

I left it on all night downloading mp3, very well, almost all ended. Napster is very clean, I will never pay for music again, nor will I have to record the songs on the radio.

I prepare myself to go to school, where is my portfolio? I'm going to be late! not even because I put a chain I stop losing it.

As soon as I return to my house I will burn an album with Nookie, Let forever be, Fast as you can, Kiss me, Steal My Sunshine, some of Garbage and others of Cake. If I can put Genie in a bottle, I hope nobody borrows my discman. Hahaha

Finally at home, as quickly as possible, I have to connect to ICQ to talk with my crush that is on the other side of the world.

While listening to some music on Macamp, the Mac version of Winamp.

I turn on the TV for a while and what do I find? one Britney on MTV dressed as a schoolgirl, this is quality television.

They start repeating the programming and it's getting dark, I think I'll see Matrix on DVD for the millionth time. The quality is really impressive, it is also much smaller than VHS !.

It's almost time to go to sleep, I hope I do not have nightmares again. Rays, this little tune does not come out of my head.

If you also woke up in 1999, tell me how was your day?

Video: Rage Against the Machine - Wake Up - 7241999 - Woodstock 99 East Stage Official (January 2020).