10 Cruel, but effective ways to hit a guy who keeps insisting

Has it happened to you that there is a boy who simply does not understand by the good ones and keeps insisting, even though you already told him that you are not interested in him? If it has happened to you that in spite of saying no, he keeps sending you messages, calling you and inviting you to leave, maybe it's time to take matters into his own hands and tell him what they are like.

1. Change your relationship status on Facebook.

2. Tell him hard and direct, "You do not interest me!" Conduct yourself indifferent to him, never give entrance to a misunderstanding.

3. Walk taken by the hand of a friend.

That interprets that you are with another boy.

4. When I ask you what will you do, tell them that you will possibly go to the movies with a guy you are dating.

5. Tell him that at least in what you finish your studies you are not interested in having a partner, or that your parents are something special and do not let you go out with anyone.

6. Put your ex into the game.

If he asks you for an explanation of why you do not pay attention to him, tell him that you still miss your ex and that you will go back to him, so you do not want to cause any problems.

7. Use the chemistry chart.

If he keeps harassing you, tell him that you do not feel chemistry, that you only see him as a friend, and to top it off, tell him that he does not attract you physically. It is possible that he feels bad, but first you have to see for yourself and this technique is very effective.

8. Ventilate it.

Many times the boys are so intense because they think that nobody is going to find out, but if you tell any of their friends and ask them for advice, help or maybe talk to them to calm down, your stalker may start yield by penalty to others to find out what he has been doing.

9. Ignore it.

If you do not understand, do not answer your messages, calls, emails, nothing! Each time you do it is like feeding it and giving it more power.

10. Ask for help.

If things are getting too serious and you think it is necessary to ask for help, do not hesitate to do so. The most important thing is your comfort and your happiness, you should not let a guy who does not understand things make you feel bad. Discuss it with your teachers, friends or parents. In one way or another you must understand. By hook or by crook you should leave yourself alone.

The advisable thing is not to be rude, however sometimes you have to be more direct so that it is clear to you that we are not interested.

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