Phrases with which you could destroy any man

Men sometimes go smart with us and although it is not good to seek revenge, sometimes it is inevitable not to feel a great anger that could end up being counterproductive for them. Sometimes they do not understand that with just a few words we can hurt them much more than they ever did.

So today I will give you these examples of phrases that can hurt you in the depths of your heart.

1. My ex was much more interesting than you.

2. Your mom is an old gossip and metiche.

3. Your friends are just as idiots as you are.

4. When it's time to be together, just do not turn me on.

5. You always smell really bad.

6. You feel very much and only give others pain.

7. When you take it you get very impertinent and you fall ill.

8. My friends manage better than you.

9. I do not want you to look for me again because my boyfriend gets angry.

10. You're good for nothing that does not want to get ahead.

11. I put the horn on you many times while you thought I was at home.

12. You are useless to do anything.

13. The child we are waiting for is not yours.

14. I went with another because he does know how to treat a woman.

15. I fell in love with that guy you hate so much.

16. After having a relationship for a while ask: "Are you gay?"

17. What I felt for you, was never love.

18. The truth I prefer to go out with my friends than with you.

19. You have nothing interesting to say, then shut up.

20. You look really bad.

I know that all these phrases are really cruel and that possibly they would make us feel bad after saying them, for which we recommend never saying them. But well, we also understand that sometimes when we are angry we do not think about the consequences, it simply clouds everything, it has happened to me.

Like if you have wanted at some point in your life to say this to a man.

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