10 Japanese BEAUTY products that you should NOT buy but you will want to have them

We have said it many times, the Japanese are crazy, they have a gift for inventing strange things, example are these 10 beauty devices that promise to leave you amazing without surgeries.

I very much doubt its effectiveness, but I still love them all. Hahaha

And if you thought they were not sold, here is the page where you can buy them: P

1. This device promises to give you a goddess's abdomen.

2. Believe it or not, this device says that you train your voice and after using it several times you will sing better.

3. Do you have your mouth down? This will give you a permanent smile.

4. Nose lifter, emits vibrations that supposedly leave it permanently lit.

5. This mask ensures to remove wrinkles from the face if you do facial exercises with it on.

6. Mask for bath. It promises to remove the lines of expression.

7. Using it 3 minutes a day, the vibrations of this device will eliminate crow's feet.

8. This device supposedly decreases the size of the cheeks.

9. It supposedly diminishes the lines of expression of the mouth and enhances the cheekbones.

10. If you use 3 minutes a day and do breathing exercises, the wrinkles in the mouth area will disappear.

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