13 Great ways to hide FEAS from your home

There are many things that detract aesthetics from our home, such as cables or things accumulated without reason, today we will give you 13 incredible ideas to hide them and also give a creative and beautiful touch to your home.

1. Do not accumulate things in the house, if you have stairs you can send them to make a great wardrobe in them.

2. Your router is not pretty, the cover of a book will hide it and give you a super vintage adornment.

3. Hide the ugly garden water pipes with fake rocks.

4. The cat's sandbox is not pleasing to the eye, you can hide it in a piece of furniture, so you will also have privacy;)

5. Turn your computer's ugly cables into an electrical tower. : D

6. Do not let your house be full of limes in sight, a beautiful fence like this will fix the problem.

7. You can give a new air to your tub by placing imitation stone tile.

8. Do not waste the stairs when you can have hidden drawers in it.

9. Make your washing machines, a work of art, use decorative tape to leave it unique and unrepeatable like you.

10. Excellent idea, do not you think?

11. ;)

12. It is not hidden, but it became a beautiful decoration.

13. My favorite.

Video: 20 Ways How to hide home ugly stuff (February 2020).