10 Powerful reasons to choose a woman with character

We are in a time when the submission of women is dying, girls ask for equity and our character has changed. Some men get scared with this type of women, but today we will give them 10 reasons to only fall in love with women with character. You are one of them?

1. They know what they want.

Do not beat around the bush, if you want an adventure that will be, do not live on prejudices or labels.

2. They are successful.

Goals are proposed and met, they care about their future and are not waiting for someone to keep them.

3. Independent.

They do not stay waiting for Prince Charming, they go out to look for him and while they have fun on the road.

4. Smart.

I'm not talking about IQ but emotional intelligence, the whims and tantrums are behind, put the batteries and trace their way.

5. Sincere

They do not spend it pleasing others forgetting about themselves, they say what they think, what they want and act.

6. Wrestlers.

It can fall a thousand times and it will rise two thousand.

7. They care about others.

They are not selfish, they are loving and charming, they have character does not mean they are cold, in fact they are passionate in every way.

8. They are themselves.

They do not pretend to fulfill absurd stereotypes, they are as they are and this dismisses a halo of originality without even looking for it.

9. They love and let themselves be loved.

Having character does not mean that they are against men, they know how to deliver without measure and receive in the same way. These types of girls know how to maintain a relationship.

10. Work as a team.

In any field, be it professional or emotional.