Signs that you are an UNSAFE GIRL

Low self-esteem causes insecurity in many aspects of life. It is a brake that does not allow us to take advantage of our strengths and get the best out of them, so there are signs to know if you are an insecure woman, if so, then you must reinforce your self-esteem.

Eye contact.

An insecure woman does not maintain eye contact in a confrontation, even when it is a normal conversation, the view always directs downward or sideways.

Nervous laugh.

They always try to break the ice with a laugh, but this one is nervous and for no apparent reason.

To bite nails.

This habit is derived from stress and anxiety caused by insecurity.

Crossed arms.

This signal tells others that it is closed to the contact and that it only tries to protect itself.

Blush and perspire.

They are clear signs of nervousness or extreme pain, they can not be hidden and this intensifies the feeling of insecurity.


It usually happens when insecurity reaches very high levels.

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