26 Things that all good MEXICAN has done in a TIANGUIS

If you say to be Mexican then you have gone to a Tianguis, but if you consider yourself a "Good and typical Mexican" then you have not only gone, you have lived in the flesh a tianguis doing these 26 things.
Garnachas are a must.
"Pásele, pásele Güerita we have rich pambazos, quesadillas, tlacoyos".

Eat pancita for the raw, with handmade tortillas. The good connoisseur asks for "Book and Callus".

Buy underwear by paca.
The ladies can give their lives to beat the neighbor some pants.

Buy pirate tennis.
Pirate tennis is the order of the day, and those who sell it feel the most beautiful of the place.

Who has not eaten Pizza for $ 10 a slice?

My mother loves to chat, it's like a more rustic garage sale.

Delicious and refreshing GOMICHELAS.
How nice to see people walking around drinking them!

Doritos crazy.
This is the new thing in the tianguis, they put cueritos, peanut cucumbers, lemon, salsa and everything you can think of.

Pirated CDs and Mixes of the most talked about.

Fresh waters of dubious origin.

That good cart of tamarinds and little skins. :3

Delicious and huge tlayudas to go eating.

A good Mexican buys his clothes in the tianguis.

Fine lenses and aesthetics in the same place.

Fried fish.
A good Mexican has the courage to eat fried fish. Only then can you prove your courage.

The good tacos of gut, head, eye and tongue.

The good coconut or coconut creams in bags with lemon, salt and chili.

The best place to buy pieces.

A good Mexican does not have any reason to go to the tianguis, the desire to go for a walk is enough.

Our dogs have their boutique here.

All generations have gone through the typical carousel.

And if yours are not chelas, there is tepache.

Colored chicks (should be prohibited).

See the children stuff themselves in a healthy jicaleta. How nice!

If you have not met proud gentlemen of your soccer team, or urban tribes in the local market, you may have to go to another one.

I do not know about you but I am a GOOD MEXICAN!
I also go to the market to think

At the end of the day it is part of our folklore. Let's feel proud of our TIANGUIS!

Video: LA PULGA Flea Market. Laredo Texas (January 2020).