Things that you should not tell a woman crazy

Men, if you want to survive a woman, this is what should never come out of your masculine and impulsive mouth, otherwise you could get hurt physically.

You're not fat, just full.

No matter how hard you try to sweeten this phrase, she will only hear "You're fat."

You are on a diet?

It is a very dangerous question, because in case it is, you will be grateful to have noticed it, but if it says no, you will make it think that it must do so.

Your body is cute.

Cute? You tell a puppy to a baby. I need you to tell me sexy or rich! xD

Is it hard for you to lose weight?

It's like insinuating that a cow is made. It's almost a mockery.

You would look prettier if you lost a few kilos.

I mean, are you telling me I'm ugly?

You look too thin

With nothing they are happy! O_o

Did not you realize that the stripes do not favor you?

This is a braker combo, because you said fat and also criticized the attire that took 2 hours to choose.

It is better to have curves.

She will take it as if you tried to soften the fact that she has fish markets.

Do not be ashamed of your body.

I mean, do you want me to accept that I'm fat and that's it?

Have you tried this diet yet?

Ja-Ja-Ja As if I needed to do the one you recommend me. ¬¬

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