33 Things you have to do AFTER YOU DIE.

During our life we ​​always make plans for things we want to do before we die, but today we will give you some points you could make after you die.

If you like, like it.

-To prove the existence of God.

-Make a psychophony where you tell a joke.

- Stop believing in ghosts.

-Depending on how things turn out. Spend a holiday season in hell, otherwise (if you were a bad person), spend a few days of vacation in heaven.
Bewitching a house.

-Wait the final judgment.

-Give you that money was worth nothing.

-Dry your iPod.

-Make it BuUuUuUuUuUu.

-Move objects of the earthly world, for no other reason than the enormous pleasure of achieving it.

-To stop worrying about being overweight.

-Forget the lists of things you must do before dying.

- Stop cutting your veins.

- Talk to your dead relatives. Be nice to the guy that you always hated.

-Spy to that sexy neighbor you always wanted to meet.

-Expand a few walls.

-Travel on planes in first class without paying a single cent.

- Begin to use the phrase: "Buy yourself a death."

-Declose your Internet addiction at last.

-Try to experience reincarnation.

-Chargle with Van Gogh, Picasso, Dali, Monet, Da Vinci and more painters. Ask them their opinion about Photoshop.

-Experience an exorcism in the first person.

-To quit smoking, it does not make sense to kill you anymore.
-Play the Ouija like you never did before.

-Discover if Elvis, Jim Morrison, Michael Jackson are really dead.

-Decide which religion was right.

-Try to communicate with a medium.

- To know some famous person in your same condition. It may be easier the longer you have the famous "dead", you will not have to stand in line.

-Communicate with your living companion to make a clay vase. (As in the movie Ghost)

-Burlarle vampires because they can never die and have a really good time.

-To question what the living decide who are saints, is not democratic at all.

- Say 3 times Beetlejuice.

- Going to a haunted house in an amusement park, nobody will suspect that you are really dead.

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