30 Steps to win a discussion for a woman

1.- The first word that comes out of your mouth should be "FORGIVENESS".

2.- Do not talk too much, explain your points in seconds if possible.

3.- Say "I love you" whenever you can.

4. Listen to everything you say and agree, it does not matter if it takes 3 hours.

5.- Repeat: "That has nothing to do with what I said".

6.- Show yourself angry because he does not listen to you.

7.- But not so much because they can be angry that you got angry.

8.- Always say, "I just want to fix things."

9.- Go back to listen to the same explanation that he gave you for 3 hours, without complaining.

10.- Give him a hug and be quiet, think that you are moved even if you do not know what diabos happens.

11. Say: "I know I'm an idiot."

12.- Never put your mother in the discussion.

13.- Ask for forgiveness one more time.

14.- Take your hand and tell it is your life.

15.- Ask for forgiveness again.

16.- Cancel all your plans in front of her.

17.- Presume that you canceled everything to fix things.

18.- If you can, cry.

19.- During that time when you feel sorry for crying, explain all your points very quickly.

20.- Ask for forgiveness for having cried.

21.- Tell him it's not the fault of either of them.

22.- Introduce subtly the idea that "maybe it's your fault."

23.- You have to say the following phrase "no, it's not your fault, everyone is wrong", like taking away the guilt, but letting him know that he was wrong.

24.- If you apologize, you are on the right track and accept it kindly.

25.- Do not ever mention your arguments again.

26.- Talk about all the nice things you've done for her, even if she comes in for one ear and comes out for the other.

27.- Compare yourself with the grooms louts of your friends, so that you shine a little.

28.- She will compare you with her friend's best boyfriend, and you have to say "All relationships are different".

29.- He will forgive you, but he will remain angry indefinitely.

30.- Do not ask her if she is angry or you will have to start from scratch again.

Video: how to ALWAYS win an argument (January 2020).