20 Things you'll regret when you're old if you do not do them today

We tend to postpone absolutely everything, without thinking that time passes really fast. If you do not want to be an old man who regret not having taken advantage of his life, I suggest you start doing these things.

1. Do not travel when you had the opportunity.

2. Do not learn another language.

3. Stay in a bad relationship.

4. Do not wear sunscreen, because of cancer and wrinkles.

5. Do not go to the concert of your favorite musicians.

6. Do not do something just out of fear.

7. Do not make exercise a priority.

8. Do not give up a bad job.

9. Be afraid to say "I love you".

10. Do not listen to the advice of your parents.

11. Give too much importance to what others think.

12. Follow the dreams of others, before their own.

13. Hold grudges, especially with those you love.

14. Neglecting your teeth.

15. Work too much.

16. Do not learn to cook amazing food.

17. Do not stop long enough to appreciate the moment.

18. Do not play with your children.

19. Never take a big risk.

20. Not spending enough time with your loved ones.